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The Problem

150% of salary is what it can cost to lose an employee: with recruiting success rates below 50%, companies actively lose money through recruitment. Recruiting is a long and arduous process that is expensive and often ineffective. Traditional resumes are unable to portray personality and culture, so matching the right person with the right company is often impossible. 70% of employees are disengaged with the company they work for and therefore to us it seems that 70% of people are in the wrong job. Traditional agencies are expensive and often have poor practices with multiple conflicts of interest and ineffective improvement for recruitment rates. Time, money and success rates are systemic issues in recruitment, add in a lack of innovation, and recruitment is ripe for disruption.

The Solution

We want to build great technology and provide a high quality service to improve the faults within the recruitment journey. Our MVP seeks to improve a part of the recruitment industry. We match companies with candidates, incorporating the human touch through interactive video resumes with additional interviews all through the PLATO app. Candidates create their bio video, showing off their personalities, experience and skills as well as answers to typical questions. Clients view these profiles, either by our matchmaking or by searching key words; they can then progress candidates further. Hiring managers can See personality, Test competency and make better, quicker decisions.

The Benefits

  • TIME

    A faster and more efficient way to source employees!

  • COST

    Technical solution instead of expensive man hours!


    Matches made from personality, qualifications and real life scenarios; leading to perfect candidates for the job!

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